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This guide includes some helpful hints for first time visitors to our regatta. Please contacts us if you have any additional questions.

Entry to the Koh Samui Regatta can be completed manually via fax or online.

The Notice of Regatta was published on 20th February. It should be noted that we give an early bird discount to those who enter early. After this time we go into our standard entry fee until the week prior to the start of the regatta when the late entry fee is applied.


Rating Systems

If you are entering one of the handicap classes (IRC for monohulls - including bareboats and sportsboats, OMR for multihulls or ACAP for cruising boats) then you will need to obtain an up-to-date rating. However, you can enter the Koh Samui Regatta before you have your rating - please just make sure you allow enough time for the administration to go through.


The Koh Samui Regatta uses three different rating systems, IRC and AsiaCap for monohulls and OMR for multihulls. These give good racing within the handicap classes to boat types where there are not enough of them to have their own one-design class. Details of the systems are provided below:


The OMR rating system is used by offshore multihulls and is administered in Thailand by Mark Pescott who can be contacted at Typically about a dozen of these fast and exciting boats take part in the Koh Samui Regatta.


IRC is a fully international rating system that is used by many thousands of boats worldwide. The Koh Samui Regatta has up to 5 classes racing under this system depending on entries. This ensures tight rating bands and close racing in fleets of between 10 – 15 boats. Ratings can be obtained from:


The Asian Handicap System is a simple rating system that has been developed from the Thaicap System to provide a rating system for those who do not require the sophistication of IRC. This system is free but you must be prepared to take the rating you are given!

At the Koh Samui Regatta, we offer cruisers that do not normally race the chance to take part in the regatta using the AsiaCap system. This is especially aimed at cruising boats taking part in the regatta for the first time. If you do not already have an AsiaCap rating and wish to enter this class then please contact us.


Berthing and accommodation

There are no marinas on Koh Samui,  so yachts are anchored off Centara Grand Beach Resort, Chaweng Beach. In the event of exceptional weather conditions, some boat may seek additional shelter at Bo Phut Beach on the north of the Island. Complementary “longtail” transfers at available before and after racing from the beach infront of  “Tradewinds” beach resort. Please arrive early as the number of longtails available in Koh Samui is limited and it can take some time to deliver crew to all the yachts.


If you need assistance with accommodation, please take a look at our list of Hotel Partners who support the regatta on


Class flags.

Boats racing at the Koh Samui Regatta do not need to display a class flag.

You will need to have your sail number displayed on your mainsail, overlapping headsails and your downwind sails. In exceptional circumstances (i.e. if you are forced to borrow a sail from another boat) it may be possible to display a different number on that sail - so long as it does not conflict with the number carried by any other Koh Samui Regatta competitor - dispensation for these exceptional circumstances must be applied for as early as possible.


Event Branding

As allowed under the Racing Rules of Sailing, the regatta reserves the forward 20% of the hull for our title sponsor decals which each boat is required to carry (there are a number of exceptions to this). Those boats not carrying decals will be required to fly a sponsor pennant from the backstay. Details of these requirements are in the Notice of Regatta.


Regatta Information

Registrations must be completed before racing at the start of the week. Registration will be held at the Regatta Office (First Floor, Centara Grand Beach Resort). This acts as the central hub of information for all registration related queries during the opening weekend.


Once registration is completed, the regatta office will relocate to the “Regatta Tavern” situated on the beachfront.


Protest information will be posted on the notice board at the "Regatta Tavern". Protests will be heard in the Jury room, which is located at the front of the main hotel building after racing each day - you can check the notice board at the “Regatta Tavern” for details of when your protest will be heard, or if you have been protested.


All boats have to comply with the specific Koh Samui Regatta safety equipment regulations for inshore (category 4) races - found on the ISAF website at However, if your boat cannot fully comply for some reason then you can apply in writing for dispensation. Common examples include boats that do not have guardrails, or boats that cannot comply with the required size of cockpit drains.


The Sailing Instructions for the Koh Samui Regatta are available for download HERE. Printed versions will be available at registration. They are generally similar to other regattas in Asia. However, the first and most important piece of advice is to read the Sailing Instructions (SI's) thoroughly, read them again, and then get someone else on the boat to read them too! There will often be amendments as changes are made or errors are picked up after the SIs have been printed. It is vital that these are read and ideally integrated into the body of the SIs.


Don't get caught out! Every year, boats are penalised unnecessarily.

- read the SI's. It's just as important for regular Koh Samui Regatta competitors as it is for newcomers to read the SI's thoroughly as changes are made each year.


Start lines

All starts happen from a committee boat line approximately 2 miles off shore.

So please bear in mind that it may take considerable time to get to your start depending on where the line is positioned, so do allow plenty of time.

When you are starting from the committee boat line, make sure you listen to the VHF from 09:00 to ascertain where the line is likely to be The start sequence are normally every 5 minutes, so make sure you understand how the sequence is signalled by reading the SI's.


Courses are designed each day taking into account the weather forecast, tidal streams, and speed of each class of boat. The 2013 Course Book is be available for download from the website HERE

Courses are broadcast prior to the warning signal via VHF and displayed on course boards during your sequence. 

If you have registered your mobile phone details with us, your course details may also be sent via text to mobile phones.

Registration of your mobile phone must be done in advance via the entry form or let us know by the Thursday prior to the start of the week. If you lose your phone or need to change numbers for any reason then you will need to let us know the evening before a new number is to be used.


If you retire from a race for any reason, please let us know either by calling on VHF 77 or by phoning the Regatta Centre on 081 8940 280.


Results will be published on the official notice board at the "Regatta Tavern", and on the website at


See you on the water.

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